Our best coffee shops

  1. Tanamera Coffee

    Tanamera coffee

    For me, Tanamera Coffee serve the best Red Velvet Latte! While you sip the Red Velvet Latte, you can take a bite of their banana caramel that taste damn good! nah there you are. There’s no more word can describe about this wonderful coffee shop. you need to go and check it out by yourself!


    2. One Fifteenth Coffee

    One Fifteenth Coffee

    One Fifteenth Coffee is another best coffee shop in town! They have the best environment and they also serve some nice dessert! Too bad i didn’t capture their interior for you guys, but I guarantee this place worth to visit, not one, not two, but many many times when you need your coffee-session-time or some catch-up session with your friends!


    3. Marco Padang Grill

    marco padang grill

    This place is more to restaurant than a cafĂ©. The environment is quiet different, but beside they serve you some nice food, they also serve you nice drink! This Coffee that I want to give a shoutout is Kopi Pane. It’s a traditional hot black coffee accompanied with balado chips!.