Takengon: Countryside above the clouds

Beauty of Takengon



As you cruise the meandering road alongside the picturesque rift of Mount Geureundong on the way to Takengon, a small town with population no more than 230,000 in Central Aceh, your eyes would be entertained with visual concert of passing pine trees on your sides, series of tropical vegetations dotted with semi permanent dwellings, and stupefied looks of local children as your persevering labi-labi pass them by. The breeze on your face would be gradually chillier, as you pass coats of mists. Here, the average temperature is almost permanently around 20 degree Celcius, or a convenient 68 degree Fahrenheit. Finally, 100 kilometers from the westernmost edge, the small town of Takengon welcomes you.


Unspoiled nature

Takengon is the capital of Central Aceh district. It sits to offer you a handful of rareness you must see. The food is unique and it’s worth noting. Agro-tourism and activities around the Lake Laut Tawar (sea of fresh water) are the reasons to extend your stay. Not to mention the legend of a princess that turned into stone with her observable unseen guards. It is far from nonsense when we mention in the first place that Aceh is truly a spiritual gateway to Indonesia.

Aceh's plantation
Come and see the attractions for yourself. The stories you tell would be too good to be true, and too precious to miss. This is Aceh, and it makes a wonderful inception for your journey to the whole archipelago.