Ultimate Celebes Tour

Itinerary Sulawesi

This tour is perfect to taste ultimate quality of Toraja and to see the real Indonesian culture.

Firstly we will take a stop at Palu Plantation having a direct contact with the coffee growers. Afterward, we will see the traditional houses in Torean Island, hand weaving and stone carving village. Next stop will be Makasar Breathtaking view of volcano and lake Togean. You’ll visit the capital of the ethnic Toraja area and learn about their authentic culture. Embark upon a trek to remote villages surrounded by cliffs which are known as ‘the death at the balconies’, where wooden coffins are suspended over the cliffs using ropes and poles, a cultural experience that shouldn’t be missed. Most importantly, you won’t miss the chance to try the world famous Luwak coffee.

Price Sulawesi