About KOPIcool


The founders

KOPIcool is founded in 2013 by 5 coffee lovers who firstly met on a national coffee-beauty pageant namely ‘Miss Coffee Indonesia‘: Elizabeth, Key, Vania, Nata and Titi. Couple of months after being awarded as the first winner, Elizabeth had an idea to create a business with the other four winners by combining coffee and travelling. So then KOPIcool was born ! as the first coffee destination-organizer in Indonesia, we want to share our passion by promoting Indonesian coffee through tourism.

Today, we are known as the travel agency specialized in Indonesia’s coffee destinations.We welcome tourists from amateurs to coffee lovers to business traveler. We speak Indonesia, English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese and Chinese.


the finest indonesian coffee

We have all access to the quality gourment coffee beans from the third biggest producing country, the finest mills, knowledgeable roasters and an obsession with quality and a desire to create a sustainable tourism.

  • Our enthusiasm and respect for our culture, nature, people and quality are at the heart of KOPIcool. We want to maximize local value and want to help to find sustainable way of doing tourism.
  • We want to educate and inform the local and international population with regard to the whole production process as well as the processing of coffee




Your access to the quality gourment coffee beans from the origins

Your access to the quality gourment coffee beans from the origins

KOPIcool creates a fun, insigful and exciting way to experience the origins of true gourment coffee from a red cherry to that irresistible brew you sip each morning. We are thrilled to share the hidden places of Indonesian coffee destinations along with sharing our Indonesian heritage and beauty with visitors and tourists from all around the world.

KOPIcool tours take place on several coffee producing areas all around Indonesia when you can learn about production, the harvesting, the processing plants and the roasting of the grain.

Indonesia has a large variety of microclimates and altitudes that produce the high quality of Arabica and Robusta variety. Guided by an expert, the visitors will receive extensive information which make their trip an incomparable experience.

We always begin our tour with the seedbed to give the visitors an opportunity to observe the development process of the plant up to the point of recollection of the ripe grain. You will also learn about the history , culture and heritage of the destination, the production and varieties of plants, the geography of the area, the traditional ways of cultivating the grain and most importantly a direct contact to the unspoiled nature around coffee plantation.

And the tour will not be ended without a visit  to the souvenir shop, where you can find the authentic Indonesian coffee and other merchandise and local products based on coffee.

Here below is the travelling video when we visited one of our coffee destinations: