Rebecca Munford

Rebecca Munford is a reader at Cardiff University. She specializes in English Literature with teaching and research interests in gender and feminist theory, modern and contemporary women’s writing, fashion and dress history (especially trousers), literary and cultural constructions of girlhood, and Gothic and spectrality. Currently, she is researching and writing a monograph, provisionally entitled Making Strides: A Literary and Cultural History of Women in Trousers, which examines how and why trousers inhabit a fraught place in the history of women’s fashion and dress practices. The book is concerned in particular with the ways in which women in trousers have been subject to – and ruptured the seams of – medical, legal, religious and cultural discourses of control and regulation. She cites Angela Carter’s works in providing a broader focus in theories of gender and sexuality, intertextuality, and the Gothic in its European and erotic modes. (

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