Call for Papers (in english)

« The War Correspondent in the Latin countries : 1918-1939 »

International Conference, France – Université d’Angers, May 9-10, 2019
Co-organized with Université Paris Sorbonne and Université Savoie Mont Blanc

What are the foundations and the ideological, political, sociocultural and/or aesthetic and literary expressions which compose the multifaceted figure of the war correspondent during the Interwar Period, particularly in the Latin area – principally Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and their colonies, including Latin America, Romania, etc. – simultaneously a theater of conflicts and a supplier of correspondents for the rest of the world? How does the figure of a war correspondent differ from that of travel writers ? And to what extent are these two figures comparable or even identical? What were the impacts of the intermediate conflicts of the years 1918-1939 on the renewal of the role and function of war correspondents? And finally, bearing in mind that most of the above-mentioned conflicts were born as consequences of the imperial aims of antiparliamentary regimes with revolutionary designs (colonial wars or anti-colonial resistances, the internationalization of the red, black or brown revolutions, geopolitical tensions between democracies and totalitarian or authoritarian regimes, etc.), could one argue that the war correspondents of this transitional period were the product of these civilizational upheavals; and more particularly, to what extent were they the forerunners of the apprehended disaster of the Second World War, and the Spanish Civil War, – generally considered as its « dress rehearsal »? Although limited to Italy, France, Spain, Portugal and their colonies (and Latin America, Romania etc.), the papers can, of course, explore the question of war correspondents from other geographical areas as well (such as Germany, Great Britain, United States, Soviet Union, etc.), provided they operate within the Latin area.
The abstracts (3000 characters, including blank spaces) must be sent before 15 October 2018 to the following conference organizers : Manuelle Peloille (Université d’Angers), Olivier Dard (Université Paris Sorbonne : Sorbonne Université/Labex EHNE) and Emmanuel Mattiato (Université Savoie Mont Blanc : LLSETI – EA3706) :
Scientific Committee : François Cochet (Université Paul Verlaine), António Costa Pinto (Université de Lisbonne), Olivier Dard (Université Paris Sorbonne), Yves Denéchère (Université d’Angers), François Hourmant (Université d’Angers), Michel Leymarie (Université Lille 3), José Ferrándiz Lozano (Universitad de Alicante), Emmanuel Mattiato (Université Savoie Mont Blanc), Barbara Meazzi (Université Nice Sophia Antipolis), Didier Musiedlak (Université Paris Nanterre), Manuelle Peloille (Université d’Angers), Francesco Perfetti (LLUIS Guido Carli), Ana Isabel Sardinha (Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle), Frédéric Turpin (Université Savoie Mont Blanc).